Complete the steps above and then click OK. After clicking OK above, a new window will open with the active Norton Toolbar.
Secure your browser with Norton protection
Norton browser protection features protect you from phishing and other risky sites when you surf with Internet Explorer
Enable All Norton Features
You are protected
You must enable the Norton Security Toolbar before you can enable any of the following Norton browser protection features.
Norton Security Toolbar
The Norton Security toolbar warns you of dangerous sites to protect you from malicious activity.
Norton Home Page
Set Norton Safe Search as your home page and new tab page. (
Norton Safe Search
Use Norton Safe Search when you search from the address bar.
Norton Identity Safe
Set Up
Never forget a password! Safely store and autofill your passwords with Norton Identity Safe.
By adding any of these extensions, you are subject to the applicable product terms you agreed to upon installation of your product. View our Privacy Policy.
How to make sure your Norton browser protection features are working
  • 1 Go to Tools (For IE 11 press "Alt" to reveal "Tools Menu")
  • 2 Click on Manage Add-ons or Simply Add-ons
  • 3 Ensure the Norton Tooolbar is enabled
  • 1 Click on the Firefox menu
  • 2 Click on Add-ons
  • 3 Ensure the Norton Toolbar is enabled
  • 1 Go to Options
  • 2 Click Extensions
  • 3 Make sure Norton Identity Safe protection is enabled
After installing the Norton Toolbar extensions, it will appear in all new tabs. If the Norton Security Toolbar does not appear in all
new tabs, open your Norton product and run LiveUpdate.  For additional troubleshooting, visit  Norton Support
How to make sure your Norton browser protection features are working