Why Identity Safe

We all connect to many sites with increasingly complicated password rules using many devices. It's impossible to keep things straight and avoid a big headache. Identity Safe is the best prescription for your password pain!

Norton Identity Safe is an easier and more secure way to remember your user names, passwords and more.

How do you remember passwords today?

If you are like most people, you are probably using one of these ineffective, unsecure ways of remembering your user names and passwords.

Keeping them in your head

Writing them down on paper

Storing them in Word or Excel

Using the same one over and over

Letting your browser store

Identity Safe
What It Does
Stores infinite number of passwords
Enables one click logins and automatic form entries
Tells me if my passwords are weak
Warns me of unsafe sites
Enables access from multiple devices
How It Helps Me
Removes hassle of remembering passwords Limited Limited Limited
Makes me more productive Limited Limited
Saves me time Limited Limited
Gives me peace of mind
Backed by security leader

Customer Testimonials

"Never again deal with tedious time consuming password reset."- Jane D., Teacher

"No need to call helpdesk for password help. Truly liberating."- John M., Lawyer

"I no longer type the same stuff over and over. Don't know how I ever lived without Identity Safe."- Jessica L., Mom